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Quaestiones Medii Aevi Novae: Medieval Origins of the Republican Idea 12th-15th Centuries (vol. 20/2

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Quaestiones Medii Aevi Novae: Medieval Origins of the Republican Idea 12th-15th Centuries (vol. 20/2

Tytuł: Quaestiones Medii Aevi Novae: Medieval Origins of the Republican Idea 12th-15th Centuries (vol. 20/2

Podtytuł: Quaestiones Medii Aevi Novae, vol. 20 (2015): Medieval Origins of the Republican Idea 12th-15th Centuries [qman]

Seria: Quaestiones Medii Aevi Novae Collectio

Rok wydania: 2015

ISBN: 978-83-61033-91-2   ISSN: 1427-4

Format: A4

Stron: 478

Oprawa: miękka

Waga: 2

Opis: The yearly publication QMAN came into existence in 1994. Successive volumes of the yearly appear every December. The periodical features works on all branches dealing with the history of the Middle Ages. Articles discussing archaeological research adjoin works on the history of art and numismatics, and economic history is presented next to the history of culture. They are all published only in congressional languages, and are supposed to introduce their authors in the international scientific debate on the Middle Ages. The periodical seeks the collaboration of authors from all European centres. Every volume is devoted to a chosen central subject, but there is a place saved regularly for the presentation of current, particularly interesting research. A separate, extensive section comprises reviews of the newest medievalist publications issued in Poland and other European countries.
The yearly is published together with the Foundation of the Centre of Historical Research.

Piotr Górecki, 
Piast Poland and the Legal Systems of Medieval Europe: A Case Study

I. Medieval Origins of the Republican Idea 12th-15th Centuries

Thierry Dutour,
L?idée et la pratique politique républicaines aux temps médiévaux,
un  probl?me mal posé

Delphine Carron,
Ptolemy of Lucca: One of the First Medieval Theorists of Republicanism?
Some Observations on the Relevance of Associating a Medieval Thinker
 with the Republican Tradition

Patrick Gilli
De la Res publica impériale ? la res publica civitatis: les mots de la république
au début du mouvement communal en Italie (XII si?cle)

Samuel Leturcq
Le  champ, res publica des campagnes médiévales

Michel Hébert
Trois états, représentation politique et gen?se de l?idée républicaine dans
l?espace français ? la fin du Moyen Âge

Laurent Baggioni
Depicting the Forma Civitatis: Civic Harmony, Military  Organization 
and Social Hierarchy in Leonardo Bruni?s Vision of the Florentine Republic

Philippe Hamon
Combattre pour le bien commun? La mobilisation armée des 
populations rurales durant la Guerre de Bretagne (1487-1491)

Joseph Morsel
Res publica et gemeiner nutz. Observations ? partir de l?espace 
germanophone (XIV-XV si?cles)

Wim Blockmans
Constructing the Concept of Civil Rights. The Experience 
of Citizens in the Low Countries, 12th to 16th Century

II. Economic Growth (continuation)

Nils Hybel
Reflections on Institutionalization and Economic Growth in Denmark c. 1000-1300

Phillipp Schofield,
The Market, Economic Growth and Famine in the Medieval English
Countryside in the Early 14th Century

III. Medieval Liturgy

Vincent Debiais, Elisa Pallottini,
Epigraphie et liturgie, entre écriture, parole et geste (X-XII si?cle)

Pamela Nourrigeon,
Lorsque le rouleau vide devient parlant : l?illustration de l?annonce
 ? Zacharie dans le Rational des divins offices

Richard F. Gyug,
Adaptations in a Regional Liturgy: The Pontifi cals of Southern 
Italy and Dalmatia

Marc Sureda i Jubany, 
Lauda Iherusalem Dominum. Liturgie stationnale et familles 
d?églises en Catalogne, XI-XIV si?cles

IV. Current Research

Jacek Poleski
The Contact between Tribes Inhabiting the Oder and Vistula 
Basins and the Moravian State in the 9th and Early 10th Century

Albrecht Classen
Guildeluëc in Marie de France?s ?Eliduc? as the Avatar of Heloise? 
The Destiny of Two 12th-Century Women

Michael Penman
The Lion Captive: Scottish Royals as Prisoners of England, c. 1070 - c. 1424

Magdalena Piwocka, Dariusz Nowacki
Jadwiga Jagiellon?s Casket of 1533. A Source of Primary Importance 
to Our Knowledge about the Jewels of the Polish Jagiellons

V. Book Notices



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